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Trust Department

You’re getting older every day. Meanwhile, regardless of age, there are the possibilities of incapacity, nursing home, and dying. Press HERE to read my published article entitled: "So Your Have To Trust Somebody."

As a former Trust Officer with two trust companies, I’ve seen the ravages on a family’s wealth and sociability. As your Financial Planner, we'll work together with an attorney who will draw up the legal documents.

Only you can make decisions but those decisions or lack of them can hurt innocent victims.

If you have stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CD’s and other intangible assets of $500,000 or more, consider one of the many versions of a trust. If it’s not in writing, it generally doesn’t mean anything.


Quick Facts About Raymond James Trust

  • National Trust Charter and subsidiary of Raymond James Financial
  • Established in 1992 in St Petersburg, FL, with 9 offices in the U.S.
  • May act as trustee, custodian, personal representative or agent to trustee
  • Over $3.1 billion in assets under administration


What Makes Raymond James Different

  • Strength and stability: Backed by Raymond James Financial
  • Continue working with Jim Zientara, your Financial Planner
  • Many seasoned and experienced trust professionals
  • May act as trustee, custodian, personal representative, and agent


A few of the many kinds of trusts handled

Living revocable trusts
Life insurance trust, trusts under will
Charitable trust
Estate and trust settlement
Charitable endowment funds;

    • Donor advised,
    • Pooled income,
    • Charitable gift annuity
    • Charity advised account

Deciding who will manage your own trust, how you will manage someone else’s trust, or settle someone else’s estate requires careful consideration.  Contact Jim Zientara and let’s talk.