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What is a C.I.M.A.?

C.I.M.A. stands for Certified Investment Management Analyst. It is a designation earned through the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA). IMCA is a nonprofit association for advanced investment management professionals who give advice and then help you manage your financial investments.

Classes are held at places such as the Wharton School of Business and followed by a rigorous test. At this time, there are only about 6,500 CIMA’s worldwide. Jim Zientara became a CIMA in 1990.

There are many financial services credentials in the marketplace – with varying degrees of credibility. The CIMA certification program is the only credential designed specifically for financial professionals who want to attain a level of competency as an investment advisor and manager.

The first step in financial planning is creating a plan. The second step is selecting investments to make the first step work. The last step is your estate planning so you can pass those assets along to your heirs and charities.

It's a comprehensive financial plan tailored to you.

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